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Holiday Gift Guide - The New Coffee Wave got your back!

At this time of year, you're probably looking for gift ideas for your family, friends, colleagues, your kids' teacher or daycare educator or even new friendships you developed over the past months as you stayed in your neighbourhood all the time, reaching out more to your neighbours during the pandemic. As most of us prefer to encourage local businesses, more than ever, we're looking to offer local gifts.

What about offering something local and suggesting a rich experience as a gift this holiday season? Here's a top 10 reasons to go with specialty coffee from local roasters:

1 - Focus on a rich and full-bodied flavoured experience with The New Coffee Wave. Specialty coffee is a gourmet product and a premium drink due to its unique qualities, its culture and its roasting. Your loved ones will appreciate the taste of their coffee from now on while discovering local coffee roasters!

2- Prioritize 100% traceable local products. Coffee Roasters offer products that have a complete identity card (country of origin, region, farm, processes, varieties, date of roasting, tasting notes, history of the producer) in complete transparency. Even if Quebec does not have coffee plantations for obvious climatic reasons, there are many Quebec roasters who are passionate about it and offer us roasted coffees here and guarantee an ethical and transparent product as regards the traceability of the beans. Similar to wine, specialty coffee invites us to discover a terroir and a process for transforming green beans.

3- You're one click away to offer coffees from a wide range of different blends and single origins from over 15 different Quebec coffee roasters in one single box delivered to your loved ones. Plus, shipping is 100% carbone neutral.

4- Choose among 85+ coffees and 6 different tasting categories:

5- Enjoy a barista coffee at home. We will be looking for ideas to fill our holiday calendar so why don't you enjoy a virtual coffee get together with your friends? You can also practice your latte art to do virtual competitions with your friends! Make sure you share your pictures with us @thenewcoffeewave!

6 - Let your friends discover new coffees, tasting notes and coffee roasters. Every month, the discovery box is renewed with 3 coffees from 3 different roasters.

7- Encourage the specialty coffee industry. Over time, roasters have brought about a shift in perceptions by focusing on the quality of specialty coffee and recognition for work done, promoting the idea of ​​an industry where all stakeholders reap the rewards of their efforts. While developing your palate by discovering, thanks to the information produced by the roasters, the different aromas of each type of coffee and the tasting profiles specific to the different regions and processes.

8 - Share your passion for coffee!

9- A surprised coffee delivery will for sure put a smile on the face of your loved ones and will also enhance their daily coffee moment. Choose among multiple signature boxes: discovery box, holidays box, espresso box, classic Italian box.

10- Limited-time coffees for the holiday: Punch des fêtes, Mon beau sapin, Party Mix, you're got a few options to let the part begin!

This holiday season will be one of a kind. Treat yourself and your loved ones to delicious specialty coffees! Support local businesses and enjoy!

Cheers from The New Coffee Wave team!

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